Building with logs is our strength. Arbor Vitae Log Craft - Industry Training and Consulting Let us help build your future.
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About Us

Vision Statement
It is the vision of Arbor Vitae Log Craft to develop and enhance the natural and human resources in an efficient and self-sustaining manner.

It is the belief of Arbor Vitae Log Craft that the future of our communities and our forests relies greatly on the establishment of equitable relationships

Mission Statement
Our focus is on the creative and efficient use of both natural and human resources.  The future of our communities and forests rely on building a balance between man and nature.  Building with logs is our strength.  Let us help build your future.


  • train individuals wishing to advance their knowledge of the log building industry
  • advise those involved in log building and fiber harvesting about responsible and efficient business practices

Arbor Vitae Log Craft Goals

  • to develop a proficiency in the technical aspects required in log construction and a thorough understanding of structural thermal performance in log homes
  • to encourage the employment potential of individuals within a strong and well-established industry
  • to fulfill the community requirements for appropriate and innovative housing with the use of local resources
  • to strengthen appreciation of quality craftsmanship and further develop a strong sense of pride and self-sufficiency

Arbor Vitae Log Craft Objectives

  • Maximize a hands-on learning experience
  • Integrate the trade practices of residential home requirements into log construction
  • Develop a strong precedence for safety and technical procedures in accordance with required regulations and practices
  • Encourage a progression of skill development and appreciation of the beauty and values in this specialized trade
  • Build a quality log structure in an aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective, energy efficient and durable fashion

Arbor Vitae Log Craft Skills, Knowledge and Experience

Instruction/Teaching Skills

  • Curriculum and course development: developed log home building courses including massive wood joinery of various sorts for organizations (including First nations bands), schools (Keewatin Community College, University College of the Caribou, Southern Alberta Inst. of Technology);
  • Development and coordination of training modules for log home building as well as for national programs: Katimavik, Canadian Outward Bound Wilderness School, Northwest Voyageur;
  • Instructor in many environmental/historical/outdoor courses including Voyageur Wilderness Program (4 years), Equity Outdoors, Manitoba Wilderness Corps, Nor-Wend Adventures, Lynx Track Winter School Ltd., Wilderness Inquiry, Northwoods Audubon Centre, Northland College (Wisconsin) Outdoor Education (winter skills instructor), Festival du Voyageur (historical narrator and instructor in Manitoba elementary schools).

Construction/Trade Experience

  • Extensive experience in all types of log craft construction: Design, construction and project management of residential and commercial log homes, through advanced massive log joinery by notching and scribing techniques, or through the construction of kit homes, from general contracting to turn-key, in Canada, USA, and abroad.
  • Restoration and refurbishment of log homes;
  • Consultant to architectural firms for log and timber-frame design and structural guidance, including Disney World, Orlando FL.
  • Design and fabrication of furniture, stairs, railings and accessories;
  • C. M. H. C. - approved log builder;
  • Assistant to housing development co-op; general building skills (homes, decks, fences, etc.).

Equipment Operation Skills

  • Comprehensive practical experience in the use of power and hand wood-working tools and equipment, including safety procedures and precautions;
  • Experienced operator of tower and mobile crane, of 30-tonne rough-terrain crane;
  • Experienced operator of log loader.

Management Skills

  • Extensive experience in the management, operation and administration of public and private no-for-profit businesses and corporations for individuals, companies, (including an international film company) and all types of organizations (municipal corporations, handicapped populations);
  • Areas of management include: research and development, sales and marketing, staffing (recruitment and training), purchasing (provisions acquisition and distribution), trade and resource coordination, budgeting (development and monitoring), project scheduling, crisis prevention and intervention;
  • Development and implementation of business plans for First Nations’ construction and employment programs.

Public Relations Skills

  • Extensive experience in public/media relations including print, journal articles, radio , television and public speaking ;
  • Community liaison and coordinator for community and public events such as with the Cochrane Ranch Hands Association (president 1991-95), Canadian and American Log Building Association/International Log Builders' Association (presented seminars).

Professional Affiliations

  • International Log Builders' Association (ILBA)
  • 2002-present: Co-chair of internation codes council (Log Homes Building Guidelines)
  • 2000-2005: CEO ILBA
  • 1997-2005: Education Director and International Conference Chairman
  • 1997-2000: Executive Committee (Secretary) ILBA
  • 1997-present: Member, Log Building Industry Association of BC
  • 1996-present: Canadian Standards Association (CSA) - Committee Chair (Log Homes Building Guidelines)
  • 1985-87: Director ILBA
  • 1985-87: Ecolog Building Society - Director, Secretary/Treasurer
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