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Creative and efficient utilization of both natural and human resources.The primary focus of Arbor Vitae Log Craft is the development of training programs for delivery to a variety of clients, including First Nations in order to meet the demands for housing and other infrastructure while enhancing the economic diversity of the host communities.

First Nation communities throughout Western Canada have benefited from programs and advise provided by Log Bob through Arbor Vitae Log Craft. Communities have established successful log building manufacturing businesses and created new employment opportunities. Graduates of Arbor Vitae training programs have found work within the industry and some have even gone on to establish their own training programs. The structures built in the host communities include residential and commercial spaces. Projects currently being developed for First Nations include a Youth Centre, an Elder Care Centre and a Community Hall, with a Health Care Wing & Administrative Offices. With guaranteed access to a tenured fiber source and substantial timber awards, the benefits will ripple throughout the area and will contribute greatly to the reduction of social assistance and substandard housing conditions.

Creative and efficient utilization of both natural and human resources is the mission statement of Arbor Vitae Log Craft.


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